Dance Mapping shows are one of the best solutions we can choose when organizing an event, show, etc. The fusion of dance, music and video art produces in the spectators a deep sensorial experience thanks to the relationship that is created between the image and the music. This type of show awakens the audience’s senses and keeps them attentive, as they are usually shows with a great deal of sensory impact that demand maximum attention so as not to miss any detail.

This is fantastic as we make sure that the audience of our show is not distracted by their mobiles or by any flies passing by…


What types of Dance Mapping shows can we choose from?

The variety is enormous. Let’s bear in mind that these shows are based on the fusion of audiovisual elements, such as dance, music and projections. So, we will find a wide range of Dance Mapping offer, because the combinations are infinite: modern dance with holographic projections; folk music with 3D images, etc.


Flamenco Dance Mapping

This show is a new look at flamenco with contemporary languages that proposes a staging that fuses dance and video art. The rhythmic choreographic games and its visual design manages to create a performance full of color, strength and impact.


Screen Dancers

The artist wears a special dress that makes a screen effect and where all kinds of videos can be projected.



Elements is a live dance show, music with African instruments, circus elements and video projection. A journey through nature inspired by the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. A magical experience for all ages.


Wolf Dance Mapping

In this case, we find a high impact show that perfectly coordinates the 3 elements in play: choreography, original music and immersive 3D images. The visual games in the scenery and the dancer ensure the WOW effect in the audience.


Magic Wall

It is an impressive performance where the dancer can write by hand and draw designs with light. Each show is different and depends on the inspiration and improvisation of the artist.



This Dance Mapping show is produced from the same perspective as the audience, which will be totally immersed in a three-dimensional visual sensation. This type of performance is perfect for a theatre or auditorium where the audience has a good perspective of the stage floor.


And there are even more options for shows that combine dance, video mapping, music… If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult us and ask us which show would be the most suitable for your needs. We will be happy to advise you and help you make your event a success.