Are you facing your first event and don’t know where to start? Do you want it to look great and nobody forgets? Don’t worry, at Artechsel we are specialists in organizing events and we want to share with you what we have learned. Here are 5 tips to start organizing events

The first thing you must have clear is why you are interested in organizing that event. Is it the best way to communicate what you want to convey to your customers? Could you choose another way of communication: mailing, face to face, etc. Is it the right time?

The organization of an event, let’s not fool ourselves, involves a very considerable human and economic effort. Asking yourself the above questions is mandatory to avoid a fiasco. If the event is the best way to reach our audience, then… Go ahead!

Despite the fact that we live in front of the computer screen and mobile phone, despite the fact that new technologies are a central part of our lives today, face to face, personal contact is still essential in any facet of life and business. Therefore, an event that combines both aspects: the technological and the human will have much more possibilities of success.

The first piece of advice when organizing an event is:


Know your audience well to give them something different

If we don’t know our clients, how will we be able to know what to show them at an event? When we talk about customers or audiences we do not only talk about external customers, the internal audience is as important as the external one. Leaving the work routine, establishing links outside the office… will have repercussions later on at work. Employees who are happy with their company are employees who are more involved. Don’t forget that.

This is the starting point. If we know what they like, their concerns, we can fine-tune and get it right. Another key point is to go outside the box, to think outside the box. If we offer the usual, will they remember this event and us? The answer is a resounding NO. Therefore, you must offer something unique, groundbreaking, ‘the never seen’.


Set yourself a maximum budget

We are all capable of organizing the ‘mega event’ with an unlimited budget. The hard part is nailing it down on a tight budget. That’s where the difference between a professional and an amateur comes in: in the ability to get the most out of a budget. You have to consider the return on investment of the event: the ROI. If organizing it is going to be an expense and not an investment, something is wrong. Any corporate communication action should seek a return on investment, which does not have to be monetary (you are not going to charge admission, right?). This return can come in the form of leads, contacts, opening a business during the event, etc.


Define a clear purpose

What is the objective of the event? Do you want to make your brand known? Do you want to entertain your current customers or attract new ones? Without a goal, the event is meaningless and doomed to failure. If an event is to have a sensible budget, it must respond to a defined objective. This is how you can evaluate the success of the event in the future.


Types of events

In order to organize a successful event we must choose the type of event that best suits our objective and the content we want to convey. An organization (whether private like a company or public like the administration) can organize at any given time a press conference, a conference, an informal or directive meeting, attend a fair, a seminar, a team building day, a party…

3D Dreams - Dance mapping

In any case, we must avoid outdated formulas where a speaker ‘throws up’ his message to a passive audience. We have the possibility and we must take advantage of it to use new technologies. Thanks to them, we will enhance the interactivity with the audience to make dynamic events.


This interaction and dynamism are key to attract and keep the attention of our audience. What can be worse than boredom? NOTHING. Thus, we resort to artists who know how to seduce and capture the audience, who handle new formats and technologies that surprise the event’s attendees. This is the only way to ensure their attention. Remember that the public’s attention drops 10 minutes after the start of any speech or message. Only professionals, real artists, are able to overcome this threat.


Variety of shows

At Artechsel we want you to be successful with your event. That is why we offer you a wide variety of shows and artists specialized in new technologies and formats that will turn a problem into the SOLUTION. Let the professionals help you to boost your business.