The new Girasomnis project can be enjoyed from your mobile phone, computer or with virtual reality (VR) glasses.

Girasomnis will premiere a new immersive show on April 20: Surreal Soul.

And it does so by adapting to the new times, with a totally virtual approach that the audience can enjoy with a mobile phone, a computer or virtual reality glasses.

Surreal Soul is an apology for surrealism as a vehicle for freedom, a journey into the new imaginary universe of Girasomnis interpreted by the dancer Sara Khatiboun, from the Spanish National Ballet, and the renowned choreographer Ester Carrasco. It is an artistic fusion project, a dreamlike experience where art and imagination meet to offer a multi-sensory journey within a unique virtual universe.

It will be presented as a succession of chapters with the premiere on 20 April. In this first one, the public will be able to experiment with augmented reality paintings, and even acquire the project segmented into several pieces of crypto-art (NFT’S).

From there, subsequent chapters will be available throughout 2021 and 2022 and will be presented in different digital, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) formats with ambisonic sound, as well as immersive video shows in 360º spaces or 360º projection domes.

This new show concept will also be premiered in a special format with holographic sculptures of Holomapping, a technique in which the creator of Girasomnis, Paco Gramaje, is a pioneer.

About Girasomnis and Paco Gramaje

Girasomnis is the port to set sail towards the world of dreams, of the imaginary, of the subconscious.

Dance and video art are the basic ingredients for this journey to become a reality and instrumental music is the vehicle to dream with open eyes.

Girasomnis’ first show premiered in 2014 and has already been performed throughout Spain, as well as in Shanghai, Casablanca, Santo Domingo, Albania, Tunisia, India, Qatar and France.

Paco Gramaje (Valencia 1976) Designer, visual artist, AV performer and composer. Creator of the artistic fusion show Girasomnis: instrumental music, dance and audiovisual performance.

Girasomnis (2014 version) has already performed in several countries in Europe, Asia, America and North Africa. He has collaborated with prestigious brands such as IBM, Oracle, Jaguar, Mazda, Telefónica España, Philip Morris and LG, as well as in several theatres, TV shows and international festivals.

Among his commercial work he stands out for being one of the visual creatives of the musical “Hoy no me puedo levantar”, seen by more than three million spectators during 2013 and 2014.


Original idea, visual design, art direction and visual effects: Paco Gramaje

Virtual reality development and visual effects: Leonardo Bautista

Augmented reality development: Gabriel Lacrampe

Performer: Sara Khatiboun

Choreography: Ester Carrasco

Art Manager: Charles Satchivi

Contact Girasomnis/Press

Charles Satchivi | | tel.  +34 610 351 047

Contact Director

Paco Gramaje | | tel.  +34 610 086 261

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