One of the main advantages of living in a country with a nice climate is that the pleasant temperatures invite you to go out and enjoy your free time. In summer we love to go to the beach, swim in the pool, take a walk… And, of course, when the sun sets, the magic is done! It’s time to have a drink with your friends, to attend an event, to dine outdoors…

Our predisposition is total and we are open to enjoy. It is a receptive attitude, perfect for a show that will remain engraved in our retinas and never be erased from our memory.

With good weather, organizing a show outdoors is a guarantee of success. At least, we know that the audience will come and show interest in a good disposition. Let’s not waste this!

If we are the organizers of a party, of an important event, and we do not know what to do, what type of shows to include, we have the answer in front of us: artists who offer their shows outdoors.

We will allow the public to be at ease, to stay until the end and to keep a good memory. Win/win!

What kind of outdoor shows are there?

In Artechsel we offer you a wide variety of options to satisfy diverse audiences, always with the premise of the use of new technologies.

For example, we can take advantage of the urban environment to carry out projections on buildings, installations, etc. These actions use the technique of mapping, shocking and spectacular.

Another option is to mix the musical spectacle with the visual one, as it happens with the percussion and lights demonstrations. They are shows with a lot of force, that leave the spectator paralyzed while the show lasts.

We can resort to calmer alternatives, such as the creation of magical spaces with sculptures of light. This is very appropriate for large, busy public spaces, as we will attract both those who are already interested as well as those who were simply ‘passing by’.

We could also organise a show that combines the audiovisual with sports, with physical dexterity. A very interesting example is the bicycle acrobatics using neon lights. It’s quite a show!

Options are not lacking; there are many ideas and proposals, almost infinite. All you have to do is decide which show is the most suitable for each moment and, above all, for each audience. At Artechsel we will help you if you are not sure what to do. Contact us. We will be delighted to give you a hand ☺

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