The use of shows that use new technologies is a guarantee of surprising and catching the audience. There is nothing more attractive than an innovative show that knows how to use new technologies to offer a coherent narrative and audiovisual discourse.

Shows that use laser lights tend to be especially attractive. Their possibilities are endless. At Artechsel we offer a wide variety of shows that use this type of technology. If you don’t know what show to offer to your audience, continue reading, we are convinced that some of these shows will be ideal for the event you are organizing.


Laser Hero

Show in which the laser beams are manipulated as solid objects. Synchronized with a dedicated musical base, the performance is unique and exciting for all the spectators, creating WOW effect and arousing a real thought on how will the future be.


LaserLED Show

Experience a spectacular show full of action, choreographies and sci-fi LED-light costumes synchronized to music with a huge interactive laser show.


Laser Solohuettes Performance

Holographics like laser objects and animals and remote them just with his hand interaction. He can include the client’s logo into his performance. Great for any openings, conferences, corporate parties, or promo events.


Laser Scape

This is an exciting participation experience á la “Mission Impossible”: In the Laser Labyrinth your participants thread their way through a network of laser beams. Of course, on their “secret mission” they mustn’t touch them if they want to reach their goal undetected. This makes our mobile Laser Labyrinth an exciting activity for participants of all ages.


Laser Ballet

A spectacular ballet show that incorporates purple and green lasers performed by an accomplished dance troupe wearing LED tutus and tiaras.


Laser Dancers

An immersive visually stunning spectacle of light and dance! Combining choreography with an interactive play of programmed laser lights.