Artechsel is an artistic production agency specialized in technological shows, interactive installations and audiovisual experiences. We now also propose top-level virtual solutions for ​hybrid events​ (events that take place in a physical location, which is also attended by an online and interactive audience) or 100% online.

The creative potential of this format is unlimited. Thanks to the vast experience of these types of companies in the creation of immersive concepts and shows for physical events, together with the experience in state-of-the-art software, it is possible to propose corporate and artistic content that generates that desired ‘WOW effect’ both in real time and pre-produced.

It can be broadcast via streaming or any conventional media or from an official client page. Each solution is developed in an environment full of graphics generated in real time, which offers the possibility for the public to interact and/or to add some branding.

What are those proposals? ​Let’s see some examples:


Virtual presentations for corporate events

This solution is aimed at companies that still want to present new products, give a conference, etc. To do this, a virtual environment with a totally customized design is recreated where participants and speakers can interact. In addition, you can incorporate the speakers in streaming on a virtual 3D stage, which in itself is already a great attraction and much more fascinating than conventional approaches.

Dance mapping 

We take our experience in production of Dance Mapping shows to the next level: a magical and hyper-realistic virtual world 3D in 360º. With this approach we can go beyond the synchronization of the dancer on a flat screen and make a totally immersive audiovisual effect.

Virtual DJ Set

New technologies allow the creation of customizable virtual environments with 3D visuals that react to the music in real time (audio-reactive). Fans can watch the show through any of the usual platforms (Twitch, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, etc..), but with the addition that they are also part of the visual show, since their face can be incorporated as an audience in the background, together with the DJ. It is a complete show that integrates gamification dynamics to obtain the highest engagement and return for brands.

Water drummers

A scenic and visual proposal of high impact through rhythm, movement, light and water. Now switching gear incorporating it in a virtual and totally immersive environment!

Saxofonista/Virtual Singer

2 examples of how to plan a virtual show with musicians taking them to an immersive three-dimensional world. This technique can be proposed in real time or produced on video.