The future is connected. And we’re not just talking about the mobile phone or the computer. We’re talking about the car, the fridge, the door phone in your house…

That’s what was on display at the recent CES, the world’s largest technology trade show held annually in Las Vegas. More than 170,000 attendees were the first to look out on this window to the future that will soon be part of our present, our day-to-day life.

Technology News 2020

The most surprising thing at this technology fair was, in short: artificial intelligence assistants, connected cars and folding screens. Some of these innovations are already on the market but their price is not within the reach of all pockets. It will be during 2020 when these technologies will be democratized.

Squatters 2.0

Personal or domestic assistants are beginning to be commonplace in our homes. We see them as one more gadget, as a tool to obtain information quickly and to manage other devices from it. Google claims that its virtual assistant is already present in nearly 500 million homes in more than 90 countries. And the trend is for it to grow. So far, users are using them to play music, check the weather, but as they become more and more powerful, we will see if we trust them to pay the electricity bill. What is clear is that they have come to our homes to stay. They’re the squatters 2.0.

Walking Mr Robot

And what about the connected cars? For a few years now there have been some models that offer a WIFI connection to their occupants. But we are not talking about that… 2020 promises to bring the first vehicles armed with technologies like Samsung’s Exynos Auto V9, capable of running applications on various screens and displaying information obtained from up to 12 cameras. The primary goal is to provide entertainment for the passengers and a safety bonus, thanks to the technology, for the driver. Thus, alerts for the presence of pedestrians, cars in the blind spot, parking assistants, etc. are already present in many car models. And the trend is for the vast majority to adopt them, as was already the case with ABS, airbags, etc.

The automotive industry warns that their first objective is not to use new technologies to make our car a “fantastic car” that comes to our call like a trained dog, but to increase safety measures and save lives.

In other fields, such as mobile telephony and computers, the news is focused on the way to present information and, of course, on the miniaturization of processors, which allows to add more utilities to the devices.

2020 is presented as an exciting year in terms of technology. We will be connected so we don’t miss any detail ;)