When deciding what kind of show to offer our audience we should consider interactive shows. There is no better way to involve our clients or fans than by involving them in the event we have organised for them. They will feel involved and grateful.

Types of facilities and interactive shows

Actually, as many as we can imagine. The possibilities are almost infinite. What we will try to do is to choose and adapt the show that best suits our audience. For example, one of the latest trends is augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented reality (AR) radically changes what we perceive as real. Virtual reality (VR) replaces the real world as we know it with a simulated world, created expressly for the occasion. This opens up endless creative possibilities. Both technologies improve our sensory experience and make it more immersive. The content of the show is almost limitless. We can put on a show about sciences, medicine, architecture, sport, security, etc. The key is to encourage the participation of the spectators.

Videomapping and holograms

Holograms are magical. They show and create images that float in the air. If we combine their magic with geometric videomapping we can create a new reality, holosculpture. It consists of semi-translucent and holographic materials and is the result of the innovative Holomapping technique. When we personalize the projections with the client’s logo we are adding value to the show. The spectators will identify the brand with the values transmitted by the show: technology, modernity, etc.

Interactive installations

Ineractive spectacles should try to involve the public, to motivate their interaction. If we locate an installation conceived for it, for example a mapping tunnel formed by thousands of leds through which people can pass, we will have achieved a double objective: that the installation is prolonged in the spectator and is completed with his action, and that the spectator himself participates in the show.

A very interesting variant is the interactive cube, a delimited space where inside everything that happens is dynamic, interactive and, ultimately, magical.

It is important that these types of installations are modular and adaptable, as they cannot always be mounted in the same space.

Shows with natural elements

A variety of spectacle that excites is the one in which the different senses are combined: hearing, touch, sight… For example, we can recreate a sensory forest where sound and water mix and feed each other to create dreamy melodies, and visitors can compose, soaking their fingertips, songs of fairies and goblins.

Interactive Games

When the show is based on the audience itself, the interactive word takes on all its meaning. The most groundbreaking interactive games can be created from the movements and actions of the audience. Through strategically placed sensors, the movement of the attendees, or of the artists themselves, is collected and the signals are transformed into visual art.

A show that always pleases is the one that enters the audience. The fourth wall is broken and the show is created and lived from the area where the spectators meet. A perfect example of this are the shows where giant interactive dolls slide between the audience tickling fantasies and chins along the way.