What is Music Mapping? We are talking about a global show that combines elements of mapping and music. It is a total audiovisual show, as it combines the best of the world of image and sound.


Music Mapping allows us to offer technically complex shows that catch the spectator from the very first moment. All your senses are concentrated on the stage. We won’t see anyone consult their mobile phone out of boredom while attending a Music Mapping show. Impossible! The strength of these shows is such that they don’t allow the audience to move from their seats or blink.


What kind of Music Mapping shows can we organise?

By combining music and mapping, the possibilities are endless. It all depends on what kind of audience we want to attract and on the profile of the artists we work with.

At Artechsel we offer a wide variety of Music Mapping shows. For example,

Chakras is a fascinating journey that will transport the public through different dimensions of immersion. The visual content can be adapted to the different themes of each corporate event.


Oval Dimension is another of the shows catalogued as Music Mapping. What does it offer? Nothing less than a new concept of immersive audiovisual show with the first electronic prototype of the Handpan instrument and audio-reactive projections on tulle. It also offers a duet version for LED screens or front projection.


Elements is a live dance show, music with African instruments, circus elements and video projection. A journey through nature inspired by the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. Suitable for all ages.


Violin Laser Mapping is the first show in the world that combines a violin concert with video mapping projections. The violinist interacts with the animations.


Some of the Music Mapping shows are truly unique. This is the case of Couch Mapping Performance. A sofa is transformed into an urban landscape, an inter-dimensional wormhole, a giant monster and even a unicorn. This acclaimed show has been presented at Cirque du Soleil, Art on Ice, Sundance Film Festival and many others. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer it to your customers!


Box Mapping is a Music Mapping show that takes the public on a journey through different landscapes, through the oceans, through the forest and even into outer space. This show has attracted world-class clients including Cirque du Soleil, The Future of Storytelling and the Sundance Film Festival.

The offer is enormous; the variety is almost infinite and the results are guaranteed. Ask us any question and do not miss the opportunity to hire a Music Mapping show. You will stand out from the competition and you will make your audience loyal.