Christmas is a time of year when you feel like sharing your time with family, friends, colleagues… It is a period of the year when leisure time has especially emotional connotations. The activities and shows designed for the family have these dates of the calendar marked in red.

And what kind of Christmas shows can we attend? Actually, any show can be adapted and become a perfect excuse to leave home at Christmas. If there is one show par excellence associated with Christmas, it is the circus. The tradition of going as a family to see lions leap with the whip of the tamer was typical in other times. Fortunately, we are becoming more and more humane and sensitive to animal welfare, and this type of ‘show’ has no place in advanced societies.

Some circuses have replaced the presence of real animals with holograms. This is an ingenious solution that does not detract from the attractiveness of the show and, on the contrary, avoids the mistreatment of animals that no one has asked for permission…

In any case, there are a number of alternatives for sharing the time off at Christmas. We can go, for example, to outdoor shows specifically designed to be held in the street, in public spaces, and where projections and the urban environment itself are played with. Typical are the shows where a projection is made on the façade of an emblematic building, such as a town hall or a museum, and its appearance is temporarily changed. These animations usually play with the characteristics of the building, taking advantage of its peculiarities and squeezing them to surprise the public.


The plays of light are also very traditional at Christmas. Beyond decorating trees or street lights, new technologies allow the development of events where laser or LED lights are the protagonists. New technologies open up a world of new possibilities where the only limit is imagination… and budgets ;)


And finally, of course, music! Shows that revolve around music also have their place in these parties. We can go to a concert of classical music, carols, or an avant-garde show where the music is completed with plays of light, dance exhibitions and so on.


Whether in a theatre, an auditorium or in the street, Christmas invites us to go out and enjoy the scenic art. Merry and audiovisual Christmas!