ARTECHSEL had the honor and luck to participate in the prestigious program GOT TALENT RD with one of their best Dance Mapping shows.
This show, starring the great local dancer Cindy Sosa, was created exclusively for this special occasion.

Dance Mapping is a type of show that combines dance and projection. It is not only a projection technique, since it can be used by technologies such as LED screens, video walls, etc.. Combining it with music and dance creates a total experience, where music and perfectly synchronized images capture the attention of the public. As happened with the audience attending GOT TALENT RD, who got up from their seats, and with the program’s own jury, who enjoyed Cindy Sosa’s art and acknowledged being “fascinated with your talent. You must be very proud of your artistic ability. You are such an artist.

The artist from the Dominican Republic made the audience vibrate with a Dance Mapping demonstration. On stage she demonstrated her talent and experience supported by vibrant images and powerful music.
We will return to enjoy her and her show shortly.
If you are interested in this type of show, please do not hesitate to contact us.